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after a nice long winter break and lots of wonderful adventures its back to school. there are lots of projects in the works as i only have 16 WEEKS left of my education at SCAD. one of my favorite things about this quarter is that i’m finally taking intro to weaving. weaving is by far one of the most excited things i have learned to do. one moment there are just loads of string and then all the sudden fabric starts to appear. its really amazing. here are some photos of a sampler im working on experimenting with materials and weave structures…


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almost finished.

finals are almost over and i am so glad because they have been very very hectic. most of what i’ve been working on this quarter has been a little challenging to photograph, but here is a bedding collection i finished recently. its marketed for young boys, most likely between the ages of 12-15.

after thursday only 2 quarters left till graduation!

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busy, busy, busy!

i have been very very busy working away and am happy to say that my first three projects have turned out pretty well. unfortunately i haven’t had a chance to properly photograph them yet, but that will be happening very soon, especially now that mid.terms are ending. this quarter has been flying by…be on the look out for new work soon!

❤ katapult

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summer finals and back to school.

screen printing is definitely my favorite class i have ever taken. and after much hard work and some really great times i am very happy to share images of my final project. the requirements were to use an art movement before the 1950’s as an inspiration point and create 3 pieces; a linear pattern, an all over pattern (1 and a half yards each) as well as an engineered design based on your inspiration.  i started out by looking at art deco jewelry  as well as coastal art deco architecture. the patterns are printed on a cotton/linen blend and the engineered design is on a cotton broad cloth.






now its time for advanced computer aided design for surface design, advanced fiber arts 1, and some american literature circa 1900-1945. Its the beginning of the end, fall quarter senior year. i’m excited.

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meet maxine goldstein.

i’ve been working on a project for my screen printing class in which we have to create and alter ego and design a pattern and print yardage based on that person. mine is maxine goldstein and you can get to know her better via her myspace page (yes, we had to make the alter ego’s myspace pages). this yardage was printed on white linen and done as a three color separation using only one screen.



i also printed some onesies with my friend stacey/wei wei for one of our favorite professors and his wonderful wife who will be having a baby boy very very soon. mine are the first three on the left..


i am SO smitten with screen printing…

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ready made


i found this fantastic project on the ready made website. if you don’t already know about ready made , you should. it is an amazing magazine and they also publish books as well, here are the instructions for this project…working on an alter ego project in screen printing, check for updates on that one soon!

❤ katapult

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i finished printing my first ever yardage today. 3yards of 100% natural linen hand printed 2 color pattern. there’s a few inconsistencies, but for a first go, i’m pretty pleased. also glad it still looks somewhat hand drawn.  i may do another few yards in a different color way..we’ll see…

bitterbuffalo_color 1

bitterbuffalo_color 2


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