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ready made


i found this fantastic project on the ready made website. if you don’t already know about ready made , you should. it is an amazing magazine and they also publish books as well, here are the instructions for this project…working on an alter ego project in screen printing, check for updates on that one soon!

❤ katapult


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new flavor paper

knot wood by josh minnie

knot wood by josh minnie

fruits of design by dan funderburgh

fruits of design by dan funderburgh

shore leave by emily minnie

shore leave by emily minnie


flavor paper  is an awesome company with offices in brooklyn and new orleans that specializes in hand printed wall paper. they cary amazing amazing wall paper from some of my most favorite designers. phenomenal designs, and handprinted.. i love it

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creative block

today i feel utterly un.inspired.  i googled inspiration and found this…


its done by and artist by the name of luke chueh and you can see more of his work here. kinda cute and kinda creepy, just how i like ’em!

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savannah love

today i went to 2 of my most favorite places in town. stop one was to back in the day bakery for a rosemary chicken salad sandwich lunch with a friend, and of course we had to get cookies (we opted for the mojito shortbread today, so summery and yummy) and delicious coffee…their food is what happiness tastes like…

mmmm...ham and cheese breakfast

back in the day

the second stop was to @home vintage general to pick up a little something. this place is just full of all the sweetest and fun vintage goodness along with all kinds of great bath and gift items like these slang flash cards i picked up today..

slang flash cards

flash cards detail

a must for unique items you can’t find just anywhere.. thanks to my having worked there my apartment is full of wonderful treasures that bring smiles and inspiration to myself and my guests..if your in savannah you must must must visit these two places..they just make you feel good inside..they always brighten my day!

❤ katapult

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logo research

i’ve  been doing a bit of logo research lately as i’m working on my own which is convenient since my first screen printing is all about logo’s and (re)appropriation.

here are some of my favorites..



kat von d for sephora

kat von d for sephora…(great lipstick..”underage red” is fantastic)

johnny cupcakes

johnny cupcakes

rhodia stationary

rhodia notebooks  


l.a.m.b by gwen stefani (she is amazing)

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vinnie van gogh

crow field

this is quite possibly my all time favorite painting. i could stare at this for hours, it just makes my insides feel just right.

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back to school

summer classes start today, screen printing and the short story. i love starting a new class because its the perfect reason to get a new notebook and organizational type things for keeping all my notes and sketches just where they need to be. i LOVE notebooks and all that stuff, im particularly fond of things of this nature..

this and that stationary set

the this and that stationary set from  the regional assembly of text. they have a bunch of other neat stuff as well as a great web site…time to get ready for class!

❤ katapult

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